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Cappe Diem-The Story of How We Got Started!

MBA Graduation Image
At My MBA Graduation Proud to be Wearing My Own Graduation Gown

You have waited for this day your whole academic career - GRADUATION DAY! With finals wrapping up and your parents and loved ones making plans to make it out for your big day, you finally get this email: "Subject: Graduation Day Information and Registration". This initial excitement is now suddenly replaced with a mini-panic. "I have to pay $80 for a cap and gown rental for only a couple of hours?!" you silently curse under your breath.

Graduation Image
My Classmates' Trust in Me Helped Spark the Idea to Expand and Scale Cappe Diem

This exact moment was the fire that sparked the starting and founding of Cappe Diem. After being told to pay such high prices for graduation, we decided we were not going to stand forgraduation companies and universities excessively profiting from the sacred experience of graduation. Since when do we allow students laden with debt to be forced to purchase through one vendor without an alternative option? Students have already spent thousands of dollars on tuition and books (and sure maybe a few dollars at the local pub), and they should not have to stand for one more final rip off by universities to pay an excessive price to rent clothing for a mere couple of hours.

Here at Cappe Diem, we have all the resources necessary for you to make your graduation experience easier and more affordable. We have regalia consultants who can do everything for you whether you have no idea on where to start or if you just need help finding specific colours for a master or doctoral hood. You can customise your graduation to the specific colours and sizes you need including caps, gowns, hoods, doctoral tams, and other various commencement regalia. We work hard all year, so that you can look great on your big day at a great price.

Seize the Graduation Day!

Wishing you much success in the future,

Jordan Twardowski

Cappe Diem Founder

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