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The Ultimate Guide: How to Accurately Size a Doctoral Graduation Gown

Graduating with a doctoral degree is a monumental achievement, and the regalia worn during the ceremony carries significant symbolism. Among the key components of this regalia is the doctoral graduation gown. Getting the right fit for your gown is essential for comfort and presentation during this important occasion. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to accurately size a doctoral graduation gown, ensuring you look and feel your best on your graduation day.

Understanding Doctoral Graduation Gowns:

Doctoral graduation gowns are distinctive in their design, featuring bell-shaped sleeves and velvet trim to signify the wearer's advanced academic achievement. These gowns often come in various sizes to accommodate different body types, but achieving the perfect fit requires attention to detail.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sizing

  1. Know Your Measurement: Before ordering or trying on a gown, it's crucial to know your measurements. You'll need measurements for your height, chest or bust, waist, and sleeve length.

    1. Cappe Diem and most vendor's sizing will be primarily based on height as the weight and sleeves will be standardized to fit the majority of people.

    2. If you have a chest bigger than 50" and/or weigh more than 300 lbs, we recommend contacting your vendor andordering a "Full Fit".

  2. Consult the Sizing Chart: Most academic regalia suppliers including Cappe Diem provide size charts to help customers determine the appropriate gown size based on their measurements. Refer to the size chart provided by your supplier and locate your measurements to identify the corresponding gown size.

  3. Consider Customization Options: If you fall between sizes or have specific preferences, some suppliers offer customization options for gown sizing. This may include options for longer or shorter lengths, wider sleeves, or other adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

  4. Pay Attention to Length: The gown should fall gracefully to the mid-calf or slightly below, with the hemline not touching the ground. Ensure the length is appropriate for your height and allows for ease of movement. If you would like a gown closer to your ankle, we recommend ordering 1 or 2 sizes larger to give you 3"-6" respectively more length.

  5. Check Sleeve Length: The sleeves of the gown should end at your wrists or slightly above. Avoid sleeves that are too short or too long, as they can detract from the overall appearance.

  6. Assess the Fit: When trying on the gown, check the fit around the shoulders, chest, and waist. The gown should drape comfortably without being too loose or too tight. Ensure you can move your arms freely without restriction.

    1. Cappe Diem offers a 30 day hassle free return/exchange policy to make sure your gown fits and looks exactly like you want. Check with vendors to see their return/exchange policy especially if vendors are overseas (ex. China).

  7. Final Adjustments: Once you've found the right size, make any necessary adjustments for a polished look. This may include steaming or ironing the gown to remove wrinkles and ensure a crisp appearance.

Rock the Graduation Runway

Sizing a doctoral graduation gown correctly is essential for a dignified and memorable commencement experience. By following these steps and paying attention to detail, you can ensure that your gown fits perfectly, allowing you to focus on celebrating your academic achievement with pride and confidence.

Seize the Graduation Day,

❤️ Cappe Diem

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