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How to Wear Your Doctoral Graduation Hood

Updated: May 3

Ah, the culmination of years of relentless research, sleepless nights, and academic triumphs - you're about to stride across that stage and claim your doctoral degree. But before you do, let's ensure you're rocking that iconic symbol of academic prowess: the doctoral graduation hood.

In this guide, we'll unravel the mystery of wearing your doctoral hood with elegance and confidence.

Demystifying the Doctoral Hood:

Before we delve into the nuances of donning your doctoral hood, let's understand its anatomy:

  1. Shell Velvet: The outer layer of the hood, typically crafted from velvet, denotes your field of study through its distinct color. Typically, it is Dark Blue denoting a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

  2. Lining and Chevron: The inner fabric, often satin, reflects the colors associated with your alma mater.

  3. Length and Shape: Doctoral hoods are longer and fuller, with a rounded shape, distinguishing them from other academic regalia.

Mastering the Art of Hooding

Now, let's get you prepped to showcase your academic achievement in style:

Step 1 - Place the Hood over Your Head

  • Locate the loop at the top of the hood. This loop will be used to secure the hood to a button or hook on your academic gown.

  • Slide the hood over your head, allowing it to drape down your back.

Step 2 - Connect the Front Loop to Your Doctoral Gown

  • Adjust the hood so that it lies smoothly and evenly down your back, with the wider portion of the hood extending outward from your shoulders.

  • Attach the loop at the top of the hood to the button or hook located near the neckline of your gown. If there is no button, use a safety pin to pin it to your clothing or wrap it around a dress shirt button.

  • This will keep the hood in place and prevent it from sliding off.

Step 3- Flare Out Back and Hook the Loop Over the Button

  • Make sure the colors of the hood's lining (representing your university or college) are flared out and visible on the outside, and the velvet trim (representing your field of study) is displayed prominently.

  • Take the hook located in the middle and carefully loop it over the button on the left side to keep the hood flared out.

  • Rock the graduation runway!

Embrace the Moment

As you step onto the stage to receive your doctoral degree, wear your hood with pride. It symbolizes your dedication, perseverance, and scholarly achievement.

Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone. Your journey doesn't end here - it's a testament to your capabilities and the opportunities that lie ahead. If you need a doctoral hood, we have got you covered (literally).

Wear your hood with dignity, Doctor, as you embark on the next chapter of your academic and professional endeavors.

Wishing you Much Success, Jordan Chmiel ❤️ Cappe Diem

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