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Celebrate the Class of 2024

Explore our comprehensive guide on wearing graduation regalia with style and confidence.


From tassel placement to gown fitting, we've got you covered, ensuring you own the graduation runway.

Master's Graduation Regalia

Master Graduation Gown

Master gowns possesses distinct features that symbolize the culmination of academic achievement and expertise. A Master Gown stands apart from a high school and bachelor Gown, primarily in its material and design complexity. 

While high school and bachelor gowns are made from a glossy cheap polyester, the master gown is crafted with a thicker matte black polyester fabric representing significant milestones in academic progression,


Moreover, its defining characteristics include longer, flowing master sleeves and fluting on the back and shoulders denoting the higher level of education attained. 

Master Gown Info.png
Master Cap andGown

How to Wear a Master Graduation Cap and Gown

  1. Put on your attire: Start by dressing in your formal attire, including any clothing you plan to wear under the gown, such as a dress shirt and pants or a blouse and skirt.

  2. Put on your Gown: Open the zipper, and slide your arms through the sleeves of the gown. Be careful that your hands make it through the opening and don't get stuck in the hanging sleeves.

  3. Adjust the fit and length: Ensure the gown is falling evenly on both sides and the sleeves are not twisted or bunched up. The master gown should fall below your knees but above your ankles preferably mid-calf. Ensure it is not dragging on the ground or too short.  If you follow the Cappe Diem Sizing Chart (provided below), the master gown usually lies mid-calf and about 15-17" off the ground. 

  4. Wear the cap (mortarboard): Place the mortarboard (the square academic cap) on your head with the front part slightly tilted upward. The mortarboard should sit comfortably on your head, with the top part flat and parallel to the ground. Some mortarboards have elastic bands or clips to help keep them in place.

  5. Secure the tassel (if applicable): The tassel is typically attached to the center of the mortarboard. Depending on your academic institution's tradition, you may need to start with the tassel on one side and move it to the other side during the ceremony to signify your graduation. Follow your institution's guidelines regarding the placement and movement of the tassel.

  6. Final adjustments: Before heading out, take a moment to ensure everything looks neat and tidy. Adjust any stray hairs, straighten out the gown, and make sure your cap is secure.

Gown Sizng
Cappe Diem Graduation Gown Sizing Infographic

Cappe Diem Master Graduation Gown Sizing Chart

How to Wear a Master Graduation Hood


Hey there, future master of the universe! Ready to strut your stuff across that stage and claim your hard-earned degree? Of course, you are! But first, let's tackle the mysteries of the graduation hood together, shall we?

Cappe Diem Master Graduation Cap, Gown, and Hood

Decoding the Master Hood

Alright, let's break it down. Your hood isn't just a fancy piece of fabric. It's a symbol of your brainpower, your grit, and your endless caffeine-fueled study sessions. Here's what you need to know:

Cappe Diem Master Graduation Hood Features

Master Hood Infographic.png
  1. Shell Shock: Velvet outside, lining and chevron inside. Think of it as your superhero cape, but, you know, more academic.

  2. Length Matters: Master's hoods are like mini capes, shorter than those worn by the PhD big shots. Still cool though.

  3. Shape Shifters: Your hood has a pointy end. Not because it's trying to tell you something, but because that's just how master's hoods roll.

How To Wear a Master Graduation Hood

Step 1 - Place the Hood over Your Head

  • Locate the loop at the top of the hood. This loop will be used to secure the hood to a button or hook on your academic gown.

  • Slide the hood over your head, allowing it to drape down your back.

Cappe Diem Master Graduation Hood

Step 2 - Connect the Front Loop to Your Master Gown

  • Adjust the hood so that it lies smoothly and evenly down your back, with the wider portion of the hood extending outward from your shoulders.

  • Attach the loop at the top of the hood to the button or hook located near the neckline of your gown. This will keep the hood in place and prevent it from sliding off. If there is no button, use a safety pin to pin it to your clothing.

Dark Blue Front.jpg

Cappe Diem Master Graduation Hood (Front View)

Step 3- Flare Out Back and Hook the Loop Over the Button

  • Make sure the colors of the hood's lining (representing your university or college) are flared out and visible on the outside, and the velvet trim (representing your field of study) is displayed prominently.

  • Take the hook located in the middle and carefully loop it over the button on the left side to keep the hood flared out.

Cappe Diem Master Graduation Hood

Showcasing Attained Degree and University Colors

Rock the Runway!

There you have it soon-to-be masterful graduate! You're now armed and ready to rock that Cappe Diem Master Cap, Gown, and Hood like a true MASTER. As you stride across the stage, remember the late-night cram sessions, the endless essays, and the caffeine-fueled madness that got you here. Wear that hood with pride, my friend. You've earned it.

So go ahead, take on the world with your newfound knowledge and unstoppable spirit. Congratulations, smarty pants! Now go out there and show 'em what you're made of! 

Wishing you Success,

❤️ Cappe Diem

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